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How should the Jordan WhatsApp Number List “return” function be designed

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How should the Jordan WhatsApp Number List “return” function be designed

A few days ago, I watched Guo Degang’s cross talk on station B. I saw a recommended video below and clicked in. After watching it, I clicked “return” to continue watching the previous cross talk. I found that and found that the cross talk page was returned. Is it because of the version? I upgraded the B station in the two mobile phones to the latest version, and found that Xiaomi and Samsung are returning layer by layer, while the iPhone is directly returning to the search results. What the hell is going on here, I don’t understand yet. I also simply wrote an article to specifically talk about the return function.

Classification of needs

Any feature proposed is based on user needs. So why do users need to “return”? In simple terms, return can provide the user with a path to leave the current page and return to the previous page. The “previous page” may be the upper level, such as returning from the third-level page to the second-level page, which belongs to the level return; it may also be the same level, for example, when you buy a wealth management item and enter the SMS verification code, you suddenly want to change the purchase amount , you can click to return, which belongs to the task flow return.

Of course, this classification method is not necessarily accurate, because sometimes it belongs to both hierarchical return and task flow return.

Interactive Design

Now that the classification is complete, let’s take a look at the most common return styles. Adding an arrow icon in the upper left corner of the interface is our most common return style, so no one dares to say that you are wrong. We can also add text next to it to let the user know the path back.


This return style can basically meet the needs of most users. But there are some special cases, we still have to carefully consider.

Jordan WhatsApp Number List
Jordan WhatsApp Number List

Take the above financial product purchase process as an example, which is a task flow. Assuming Jordan WhatsApp Number List that the user needs 5 steps to complete the operation of purchasing financial products, if the user Jordan WhatsApp Number List clicks back in step 4, there are two possibilities:

  • The user wants to change the purchase amount or reconfirm product information such as interest rate and cycle;
  • Users don’t want to buy it anymore.

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