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How much money did YouTube make in advertising thanks to Gangnam Style

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How much money did YouTube make in advertising thanks to Gangnam Style

The South Korean song Psy billed (and continues to bill) millions thanks to the video going viral all over the world. The big winner: You Tube, of course. The Croatia Phone Numbers List phenomenon of the year, the song of the South Korean Psy, was (and is) a machine to generate money for many, the author included. However, there was a great winner had a who turnover (and continues to bill) millions thanks to the fact that the video went viral throughout the world. Who is it? You Tube , of course.

The YouTube page that shows the video of Gangnam Style the South Korean rapper Psy reaped more than 8 million dollars from advertising , said an executive from Google, a company that acquired the largest platform to watch videos in the world. As published by today Terra Argentina , “Nikesh Arora’s business manager revealed the figure on Tuesday during an exchange with financial analysts about the potential of You Tube to make money.”

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According to Terra Argentina, “the revenue generated by the advertising of the popular video site is shared with the creators of the content.” In numbers: In December, Gangnam Style became the first video to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube, marking a historic landmark on the internet.

The video’s view counter now indicates that it has already been viewed 1,237 million times since it accessed You Tube in June 2012. A true and impressive record. For Kevin Allocca, leader of YouTube Trends, the key is in “the universal taste for catchy music and dance steps.” On the Phone Number List other hand, it is estimated that digital downloads, sponsorships and sponsorships have generated many more millions of dollars for its creator: Psy. And since we’re talking about this topic, here it goes again.

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