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How much information do I have about my competitors?

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How much information do I have about my competitors?

Let’s start from the hypothetical case that your idea is so revolutionary that it has no competition. Even in this “ideal” plane, your potential clients satisfy their needs in a different way than what you propose, that is, with your competition how to get a china mobile number in singapore.

For this reason, it is prudent to analyze and study the competition in order to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, by knowing your competition, what they offer, how they do it and who runs it, you will have a more complete picture of the market.

The evaluation of your competitors will allow you to fill spaces that they have not filled or simply to do better. This formula usually saves a lot of time and money, allowing you to generate a positioning that in the long run will allow you to expand.

Who are my potential clients?
At this point you must do an exhaustive analysis of the market to determine if there are customers who are willing to pay for what you will offer. But this analysis does not end there, because you need to know demographic, consumption and socioeconomic data of your potential customers.

This will allow you to define your objective and refine strategies so that the subject you have determined as a potential customer is satisfied with what you offer. In the long run, identifying your potential customers will make it easier for you to adapt to the market variations that you will find in the future.

What are my advantages in the market?
Once you have clarified which are your competitors, their operating range and their performance in the market, comes the validation of your strengths.

This is because when you already have the analysis of the market, your competition and your clients, you will be able to see physically if the strengths you found previously really are. But this also has an added value, since other strong elements may appear in your favor that you did not know before.

But at this point the fact may arise that what you considered a fortress in reality is not. In this case, you must apply your ingenuity and reinvent yourself. Gulf Phone Number List

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