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How It Shapes Your Choice Azerbaijan Phone Number

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How It Shapes Your Choice Azerbaijan Phone Number

A company obtained a regional agent for a foreign spirit. And found that the sales volume in this market did not change much regardless of whether it was discounted or not. But the sales would decrease because of the discount. And the price was raised by houliang. 15%. And sales have not decreased. Price seems to have failed. [story 5] a convenience store in a community mainly sells milk from yili and mengniu. Every time one of them has an event. The sales of the active brand will increase for a period of time. While the sales of the other will decrease. Their market share will change. [story 6] some brands will control the channel price.


Even if they want

They will not directly reduce the price. But through coupons. Cash Azerbaijan Phone Number  back and other forms. In life. If you look closely. There are many similar stories. Although the above stories are different. They are all about prices. User choices. And markets. We often say that “What customers want is not cheap. But the feeling of taking advantage”. This sentence is not wrong. Because under normal circumstances. A transaction will not be closed unless both the buyer and the seller feel that they have taken advantage. Both buyers and sellers hope to obtain benefits from market activities: one is called “Consumer surplus”; the other is called


Azerbaijan Phone Number
Azerbaijan phone number


Producer surplus

And the sum of the two is called “Total market surplus”. Three concepts emerged from this: Consumer surplus: also known as the net benefit of consumers. It was proposed by marshall. Who defined consumer surplus in the “Principles of economics”: “The price a person pays for a thing. Never would exceed. And rarely reach. The price he would rather pay than not receive. Hence. The satisfaction he gets from buying the thing usually exceeds the satisfaction he gives up by paying the price for the thing. So that he gets a surplus of satisfaction from the purchase. The price of the thing that he would rather pay than not receive. In excess of what he actually pays.

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