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How does the product Conduit CN create an “extreme user experience”?

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How does the product Conduit CN create an “extreme user experience”?

A few days ago. I went to a famous hot pot restaurant brand to eat hot pot. Out of trust in the country’s ability to manage the epidemic. Of course. Mainly because I was lazy. I didn’t wear a mask when I went out. At the gate of the mall. The security classmate stopped me and motioned me to put on a mask. He probably thought I had a mask on me and didn’t take it out. I said. “I’m not wearing a mask. But I’m healthy and eat well. Or you can take your temperature.” The security classmate insisted: “You are not allowed to enter without a mask.” To be honest. I was very moved at the first time.


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The staff of the mall resolutely chose the latter in the Conduit CN face of the difference between the operating profits of various stores in the mall and the health of the people. Therefore. I was not good at fighting for anything. And decided to cooperate with the requirements of the shopping mall. I asked the staff. “Do you have any masks for sale here?”. “No.” “Do you know where there are masks nearby?” “I don’t know.” At this point. I know that there is no need to continue communicating. Indeed. It is wrong for me to try to enter a public place without wearing a mask as required during the epidemic prevention period.



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And the mall has no obligation to prepare Conduit CN masks for us or provide us with information on nearby purchasing channels. It’s all my fault. My fault. Therefore. The only option I faced was to find a shop selling masks in this central area of ​​​​the land. Which was very difficult. Before I took two steps. I remembered that the hot pot restaurant I will be using next is known for its high-quality service. From what I have learned about their hot pot restaurant in the past. It is conceivable that their staff will definitely prepare it for customers. Face mask. Since I made a reservation in advance. I quickly found the contact information of the store.

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