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How do I fix the error: “Invalid page welcome message for ads targeting Messenger: Message text (page_welcome_message) is not valid for ads targeting Messenger.”

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How do I fix the error: “Invalid page welcome message for ads targeting Messenger: Message text (page_welcome_message) is not valid for ads targeting Messenger.”

One option to solve the error is to remove Messenger as a location to receive advertising by going to the Ads Group find service provider by phone number uk, but you should consider that if you remove Messenger you can receive fewer messages to your ad.

This is an error that has to do directly with the welcome message that you defined for your campaign, as indicated in the warning, “the welcome message is not valid for Messenger”, this is an error that is a bit confusing because it marks the error in the Ad Group but the solution of the error occurs in the Campaigns.

First you must go to the Campaign, to the section ‘Messenger Settings‘, it is in this option that we manage the automatic responses that are given when a person clicks on one of our advertisements.

What the error indicates is that it cannot display the message that I currently have in Messenger (because it is a menu with options) so what I must do is change the response template by clicking on the option ‘Select Template’ as indicated in the next picture.

When you click, the different response templates that we have parameterized for this account will be displayed, so if we select another option we will solve the problem immediately.

Take into account that if you select another template it must be a template with different characteristics, otherwise you will continue to get the same error.

When we select the new Response Template, we click on ‘Publish’ and we wait a few seconds for the new changes to be made in the account and the error should now be solved. Another option that you can use to solve this error is to switch from frequently asked questions to quick answers. Try any of these methods to solve the error Gulf Phone Number List

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