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How can text chat messages Vietnam Phone Number capture the hearts of customers?

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How can text chat messages Vietnam Phone Number capture the hearts of customers?

You may subconsciously think that brief information is more catchy. But the statistics of a large number of data in actual operation give us the conclusion that is contrary to this intuition: A text message of about 150 words can provide value to potential customers. At the same time. It has been carefully designed. And the language is concise and powerful. Which is the most ideal in actual combat. Sales representatives need to distinguish between short text and concise language. The number of words in text information can be slightly longer. As long as the language is kept concise. The text is still very readable.



Fourth, text chat can explain the price

And there is enough space to explain what Vietnam Phone Number we can give customers. What benefits. For text messages that are too short. The difficulty of expression is greatly increased due to the limitation of the number of words. As a result. The sales representative cannot explain one thing clearly in such a small number of words. Data can also support this. Long text messages of more than 150 words are 15 times more likely to continue the sales process than short messages of one or two sentences. This is consistent with the sales call advice we provide. On the phone. The sales representative needs to seize every opportunity to speak more and express the meaning completely as the first purpose;


Vietnam Phone Number
Vietnam Phone Number

How does text chat promote the sales process?

The same is true for text messages. The Vietnam Phone Number attention of potential customers is fleeting. Once you’ve secured the opportunity for potential customers to view the message. It’s better to start with a longer message to make things clear. 2. Discuss roi during text chat In many sales-written text chat messages. Reps cite roi as proof that the product works. But according to the salesman’s research. Doing so has limited real impact. Listing a staggering number might seem like it would impress potential customers with a product. But data shows that when roi is used in text messages. The success rate of a sale drops by 15%. Because the roi in the text message is the sales rep’s assertion. The sales rep’s unilateral demonstration of the product’s effectiveness.

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