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HootSuite adds tool to analyze tweets

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HootSuite adds tool to analyze tweets

New applications at the service, to integrate all the actors of the digital campaigns HootSuite has announced an integration with Twitter that will give marketers tools to manage their campaigns advertising on the microblogging site. Companies can use Integrated Product Promotion to build their campaigns, monitor their responses and react in real time to power the Switzerland Mobile Number Database promoted tweets that work better. A special authorization will allow agencies, content producers and brands to collaborate on a campaign through the same HootSuite dashboard. HootSuite is one of five partners that will be part of the Ads API on Twitter, which was announced by the company this morning. The others are Adobe, TBG Digital, Salesforce, and SHIFT.

In a statement made by HootSuite CEO Ryan Holms, said: “We offer our customers the ability to expand their proprietary content, keeping them at the forefront of opportunities advertising social . This process is now simple and efficient. The new integration enables social business stakeholders to instantly purchase Promoted Tweets and their HootSuite dashboard accounts using our secure teamwork based system. ”

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On the official site, HootSuite explains what the new system can do Promotion Integrated Product by us: Unify Marketing and Communications – Post, promote and analyze tweets directly from the best media management system in its class. Collaboration Multi Agency The advanced permission system enables executives, agencies, content producers, digital agencies and brands to create and launch campaigns from a safe and familiar platform. Converting your own media into paid media – Enable simple paid campaigns. Empower team members to allocate tweets for wide dissemination.

Real-time social Phone Number List campaigns Empower your department leaders to amplify content as it happens and reduce the number of requests funneled through your department marketing when individual messages are worth promoting. Layered Social Media Reports – Boost your investment in social media and unleash the conduction of data and media strategies, to increase the impact of your content on social marketing .

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