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‘Homepage Funnel’ or ‘Homepage Funnel’

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‘Homepage Funnel’ or ‘Homepage Funnel’

The ‘Home Page Funnel’ is another of the most used sales funnels phone directory england uk, the purpose is simple, make a sale or obtain the customer’s contact, the main thing about a ‘Homepage Funnel’ is that the design has to be attractive to the user, because we want them to review all the information on the page.

In the first part of the web we can see a ‘Call to Action’ or ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) which is the button that says: “Yes, I want to achieve my goals”, in the next section we must include information about us so they can learn about our experience.

Another of the main points that should be added to the ‘Home Page Funnel’ is the recommendations of current clients to strengthen the credibility of our business, and we can also include the same ‘Call to Action’ that is in the main header of the page to give options to the user who makes his purchase.

When the user clicks on the button, it takes him to the next page, which is the place where we show our plans or products, in this case a video was included that elaborates a little more on the benefits that he will obtain if he accepts any of the plans set out in the lower section.

And at the end, when the customer chose his plan and made his purchase, we directed him to a ‘Thank You Page’, so that he knows our social profiles, or you can explain on this page what are the first steps to follow when making his purchase, it is up to you which approach you want to give to this section. Gulf Phone Number List

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