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The only El Salvador WhatsApp Number List holdup here is that there may not be enough raw information for you

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The only El Salvador WhatsApp Number List holdup here is that there may not be enough raw information for you

One of the best ways to scout for new content and blog topic ideas is to read the news on a daily basis.

News happens all the time, so you’re guaranteed to find something that few have written about yet.

If you write about it fast enough, you’ll be seen as an observant, up-to-date authority in your field.

Plus, it saves you the hassle of trying  to wrangle up a topic of your own—instead. Thus, you can rely on the foundation of a separate article and transform. Thus, it into something unique and beneficial for your on-site content.

Here are seven ways you can do just that:

Table of Contents


Summarize the News Article

Your goal should be writing it in a new tone of voice, emphasizing what you think is important and de-emphasizing what you think isn’t. The easiest and most straightforward way to utilize an existing news article is to summarize it.

Do this by reading the article fully, separating it out, and writing out a full-length summary in your own words.

This can be tricky, because in the course of rewriting the article, it’s easy to succumb to repeated phrasing or similar structuring. Avoid this at all costs.


Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to include a citation link pointing back to the original article.

State your Opinion

Slightly increasing in complexity, you can turn the news article into a detailed opinion piece for newsjacking.


This will still have elements of the summary—in fact, you can summarize the article in the opening paragraph to introduce your readers to the topic—but the bulk of your piece will be focused on your opinion surrounding the event or revelation.

For example, if there’s a new Google Australia Phone Number update and you want to write an opinion piece, you can briefly summarize the extent of the update and then explain why you think it is or isn’t significant.

Predict the Future

El Salvador WhatsApp Number List
El Salvador WhatsApp Number List

Future-predictive articles are an extended variation of the opinion article, but they’re more grounded in facts and speculation than subjective opinion.

For this piece, you’ll El Salvador WhatsApp Number List also introduce the news article, but you’ll take it further by tying it together with other news articles focusing on similar or related topics.

From there, you’ll make speculative claims about how the future is going to progress.

As an added bonus, El Salvador WhatsApp Number List  you can follow up after a given period of time and gauge how accurate your prediction was.

Make an Infographic

Next, you can take the data or information from the news article and transform it into a kind of infographic.

The only holdup here is that there may not be enough raw information for you to make a suitably detailed large-scale visual.

If that’s the case, you may have to supplement that information with other pieces of data you can find throughout the web, perhaps in the form of other news articles or research.

Use News Topics for Your Next Podcast

This format requires no content or blog writing whatsoever. Rather than writing out your opinion on the news or speculating about the future, you can talk about these things to your audience directly.

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