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Gulf Phone Number Database Provide you worldwide country updated, clean and 100% Accurate Business & Consumer phone number or mailing database list. We have high quality active mobile number database, email address and only real people contact information. We will help to get decision makers b2b data for your SMS marketing or cold calling campaigns to business or consumer people mobile database.

The Gulf Phone Number company provided you up to date and clean b2b or b2c Telemarketing database for your company’s online marketing campaigns. We are world biggest  phone number database or fax number database or email database  provider company in the world. If you like to buy cell phone number database then you can see our all package of the cell phone numbers or mobile number database.

Header Footer Code Manager, Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, Smush

This plugin allows you to manage HTML codes that you want to integrate into the page  uk mobile phone database. There are people who are not fluent in the HTML language, therefore, they do not want to alter the code of the page in case a mistake is made trying to add an HTML code to your WordPress page. This plugin allows you to add the HTML codes in an orderly way. In addition, you can activate and deactivate them whenever you want.

One of the advantages of this plugin is that it allows you to activate codes for specific pages, or for any post entry that you want to put some custom code. Or if you just want to show it on computer or cell phones.

This plugin is very helpful in relation to the security of your website. You must take into account that when hackers want to enter your website. They make some attempts with different combinations to inflict on your website and get the key. The “magic” of this plugin is that it only allows you to make two attempts to enter the password to enter the administration page. If you make 3 wrong attempts, it will automatically block the IP of the page that failed to enter. In this way we cancel people who want to try multiple passwords to illegally enter our WordPress page. That is why we recommend this plugin.

This plugin allows you to save yourself from some tasks in relation to image optimization. In addition, it allows you to perform a “lazy load”. This means that not all the images on the page are loaded when the web page is loaded, but when it is displayed on the screen. This improves the loading speed of the website. And above all, it improves the experience that the user will have within our website.

In addition, the plugin will allow you to optimize the size of the images in batch so that it is much easier for you. If you don’t know how to compress images for the web, this option will be very useful. Gulf Phone Number List

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