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Have you already tried the new design for your YouTube channel

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Have you already tried the new design for your YouTube channel

YouTube has just presented a new design for its channels, which is available to all beta users. The channel, called YouTube One, gives users the Indonesia Phone Number List possibility to put a large header on top of their channels (Art Channel) and have a trailer of their video, which is displayed for all visitors who have not yet been subscribed to the channel.

One of the advantages of images Art Channel is that they will look good on any type of screen or player. That includes mobile phone devices. Users will also be able to better organize their video channels, have more control over them, playlists and what their subscribers see in the first place. In addition, it will be possible to highlight content by redistributing it.

Indonesia Phone Number List

Under the motto of “make your first impression count” YouTube invites you to review the images of those who have already made the changes to their channels and what is discovered is for all tastes. Clearly, a good design will mean attracting more people to your channel and even the possibility of negotiating some type of publicity if you manage to gather a significant group. It doesn’t hurt to try.

One of the interesting changes registered is that now, subscribers will see the entire channel, not just the feed, giving them an idea of ​​the Phone Number List general content and motivating them to stay on it and watch the trailers of your other videos. To use the new tools and get another more attractive image, you must enter the following link , find out about the possibilities that the new design offers you – it is in Spanish – and click at the bottom of the page. To create it has been said!

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