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Harlem Shake, the new 30-second viral

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Harlem Shake, the new 30-second viral

The bizarre dynamics of this micro song is conquering the world. A new viral arises from the hand of a curious dance the Harlem Shake (or Army Style). Originating in the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List eighties on the blog of the comedian Filthy Frank, it has been reborn with force and everyone wants to claim responsibility for the rhythm that is infecting the world.

An example of this is the Norwegian Navy group that made their version and titled it as the “original”. The video was posted ten days ago and has more than 25 million views. In the register, it is seen as a group of soldiers in perfect formation, unperturbed for a few seconds by the strange dance of one of its members. Then everyone joins in a frantic dance that lasts only 30 seconds.

It should be noted that one edition shows the soldiers turned into mimes, assholes, skiers and dancers, moving in strange ways, to the beat of sounds taken from the routine of a DJ. Everything ends and one is left as if waiting for an explanation. Weird, to say the least.

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But perhaps, because of the weirdness, the video already attracts celebrities and cover brands, just like Gangnam Style. The most curious thing without a doubt is the first sentence that says “With the terrorists” … and that announces an ideological litany that never begins … then the music and the movement start, which mixes a series of rhythms – or it seems to do so – between the that include some bars of reggaeton, hip-hop, soul and others. Some say it is Trap, a variant of southern hip-hip music, broadcast with some success by American producer and DJ Baauer.

A note from the BBC points out that 4000 versions are recorded every day on YouTube and it is clear that in reality it would not be the Norwegians, the Phone Number List owners of the original video, but one more among the cultists of this special style. The dance follows a pattern that includes the soloist who starts the game and then the rest of the group strives to perform the freakiest movements they can find, all accompanied by creative costumes that will delight young and old alike. Definitely the rare attracts, surprises and does not go unnoticed. Can it motivate us to try a different campaign?

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