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Hand in hand with Twitter Amnesty International fights for freedom of expression

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Hand in hand with Twitter Amnesty International fights for freedom of expression

Amnesty International is working with the DM9Rio agency on a Twitter-based campaign called “Tweet Censored”. According to a recent study prepared by the US non-governmental organization, Freedom House , which analyzed freedom of expression on the Thailand Phone Number List internet in 47 countries on five continents, restrictions on this practice increased in several countries of the world, considered several nations of America. Latina among which Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela stand out .

With the intention of making this problem relevant, Amnesty International is working with the agency DM9Rio , in a based campaign Twitter- to demonstrate the impact that censorship of freedom of expression on the internet has today on everyday communication.

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This is the platform Censored Tweet , from which it invites users to join a movement in favor of freedom of expression on the web – as well as on other platforms – around the world. Once users decide to participate and join the cause, they will have to send a tweet which is censored by a negative bar that only allows you to see the link that accompanies it.

The intention is that, thanks to the Phone Number List curiosity that this may generate among the users’ own contacts, they will click on the available link which will take them to the platform Censored Tweet , where they will find the message ” In many countries this is what what happens with those who try to express themselves “, with which the organization tries to promote a culture of free expression ” . The platform is available in five different languages, automatically recognizing the country from which it has been accessed to display the content according to this data.

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