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Google would watch your back while you check your smartphone

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Google would watch your back while you check your smartphone

With the help of the front camera and a system based on artificial intelligence, the smartphone is able to detect a spy on the screen Since Snapchat appeared on the market, the transformation in the use of social networks was complete. The filters and stories represent an indispensable element in the currently platforms. Instagram Stories and WhatsApp statuses have Albania Mobile Database already reached 300 million daily active users thanks to adopting this element from their competitor. However, Snapchat set the tone and they followed suit, but this determined that it must continue to innovate, as the figures reflect that users are not surprised by its updates lately.

So far this year, Snapchat’s losses have been $ 3.15 billion. Regarding the number of daily users, they reached 178 million , which represents an annual growth of 17 percent. Albania Mobile Number List

Therefore, Snapchat is looking for a way to resume its success in the sector, the last thing it announced is that it is testing a new artificial intelligence technology that seeks to position its facial recognition as the best.

But, Google, which remains attentive to what is happening in the technology industry, has gotten “down to business” and wants to anticipate its competition with a system in which it detects a person who is looking at the smartphone screen of someone, while they check their messages, social networks, etc.

That is, with the help of the Brother Cell Phone List front camera and an eye detection system based on artificial intelligence, the smartphone is capable of detecting a spy on your screen in two milliseconds, and it does not detect random faces, but a direct look at the screen . Once detected, the function activates the front camera and displays the message “Alert, intruder watching”. It is not yet a product that is guaranteed to go on the market, but it is a project that will be presented at the NIPS 2017 conferences held in Los Angeles, according to CNET .

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