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Google Analytics Courses

What is not measured, cannot be improved ». We often hear this famous phrase attributed to Peter Drucker, father of management , but why and why measure the famous KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? We want to invite you to discover and understand how to leverage KPIs to boost your digital marketing strategy. If we currently sell 25,000 UF per year and our goal is to sell 100,000 UF per year. What would you do with your team to achieve the goal? We could compare this process to being at point A (selling 25,000 UF per year) and reaching point B (the target selling 100,000 UF per year). Undoubtedly, the process and its study.

Analysis and optimization are one of the keys to consistently increasing the company’s competitiveness. Since we started working for our goal, a good recommendation is to constantly ask yourself : how are we going to achieve our goal in B? Today the technology and tools of Digital Marketing allow us to answer that question, managing to Vietnam Phone Number measure progress with great precision. Now that you’re on the digital journey: how will you know where you are on the journey to B? And it is that in this Digital Marketing journey, clearly measuring the results obtained from each process becomes the foundation of your strategy. We ask you what do you want to achieve with your digital strategy in your business?

Identify the Overall Business

We recommend you define your objectives in a smart way, for example with your website: achieve a 30% increase in our sales revenue in our eCommerce in the 2nd semester compared to the 1st semester of 2020. OK, we have a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goal, but how do we achieve that goal? Here’s another key: your strategy. You may be wondering then, is it enough to define a goal and simply wait for it to be achieved? Unfortunately it is not as easy as that. But we have excellent news! And it is that to achieve your objectives you can support and guide yourself in the KPIs. Here we will tell you how to do it: READ MORE.

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How to achieve your business goals with digital SWOT analysis How to develop a winning strategy that allows us to achieve our goals? A KPI is like a leg of your table. If one of them is weak, your table will not be steady and your marketing strategy will be affected. The digital metrics of the KPI help us to analyze the performance, progress and profitability of the actions carried out, or explained as indicated by our Professor Felipe Davidson Flores in his Google Analytics Course , “the KPIs consist of data that help us to measure Quantitative the performance of our objectives. With the reporting obtained, we can discover if the decisions taken have been the correct ones to achieve our objectives.

Define the Variables to Use

Here is the data that will drive us to determine if the path we are taking is the right one or if we need to adjust it. Creating a winning strategy will largely depend on a good choice of your KPIs. There are 3 key elements to do it: 1. Define the variables to use In digital marketing, the variables are depending on the type of conversion that you want to obtain. It can be, for example, purchase of products, engagement or session frequency, organic reach. Quality of users, reservation, registration, download, number of visits on social networks, among others. It is not about defining a certain number, from 1 to 15 KPIs. It is about choosing those KPIs that will allow you to understand.

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