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Google Ads Keyword Planner

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Google Ads Keyword Planner

The first tool that we must analyze is the Google Ads keyword planner dubai phone directory search. To access this tool you must create a new Google Ads account. Within the Tools option, in the left section we can access the Keyword Planner.

In our case we have started to search for the word “crafts” in Spain. In the upper section you have the option to choose the country in which you want to segment, the language of the search and the time in which the searches were carried out.

Based on the keyword report that the Keyword Planner shows us. We can copy words that have a good number of monthly searches into our format. You can also copy the keywords that have the highest cost per click. These types of high CPC words indicate that there are some advertisers bidding on this keyword so it has a great chance of being a good keyword for bidding or for positioning through SEO articles.

The report also shows us the competitiveness of the keyword. This lets us know how many advertisers are bidding on this search term and how difficult it will be for our ads to show. For our case, we chose keywords such as: crafts, wood crafts, ceramic crafts, wholesale crafts, online crafts, among others.

You must take into account that the longer the keyword is, the more likely it is that there will be purchase intention on the part of the user. For example, if you are searching Google for “crafts” it may be that you are only looking for information or images of some crafts. However, if someone Googles “buy crafts.” The probability of purchase is much higher due to the keyword that accompanies it.

Pro Tip: Focus on locating keywords that have a good number of monthly searches and that the cost per Click is not so high to improve the performance of your campaign.

In our case we found the keyword “wholesale crafts”. Which only has 40 monthly searches, but has a Cost per Click of 0.09 cents which is lower than the other keywords. And the keyword gives us an indication that the people doing these searches want to buy handicrafts in bulk. And that is much more convenient for us since a large number of crafts are sold through a single customer. Gulf Phone Number List

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