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Good practices

We are delighted to say that we have seen several examples of companies that have acted in this way find telephone number in thailand, which means that brands are close to their consumer, that they understand and help them in times of crisis. Below we reflect the five initiatives that we liked the most in Nordia. Most of them combine a powerful digital marketing strategy with offering products or services created ad hoc for this Coronavirus crisis:

1. Volkswagen: The car brand launches a new service and leaves cars free to emergency teams. They use Twitter very effectively to communicate it and promote the action with investment to reach more people. Furthermore, communicating in a very human way achieves a very positive impact thanks to an initiative that seems real and touches users closely.

2. Vodafone: The company demonstrates its agility by adapting a Christmas advertisement to the new reality of the Coronavirus and, furthermore, by focusing on one of the most vulnerable groups in this situation. Later, he launched a new ad, also signed by Mrs. Rushmore, which is very close and reflects, once again, how the brand knows how to stand on the user’s side. In addition, they adapt their digital strategy with specific campaigns, such as including tips and advice for smartphone hygiene in times of coronavirus.


3. Ford: As in other crises that the US has experienced, the car company has launched a campaign to help consumers finance their cars. The content has been highly appreciated but, at first the chosen medium was not the right one. Ford launched a very sober ad that clashed with the medium, since it was broadcast in prime time on TV programs with which the consumer wants to be entertained. The ad was labeled boring in many comments on social networks, which led Ford to rethink the strategy and four days after the first ad launched another in a much more optimistic tone:

4. Guinness: In contrast, Guiness is the opposite case. His announcement for Saint Patrick’s Day in the context of the Coronavirus, with an optimistic tone and happy music, has been much more appreciated on social networks than Ford’s first because it suited the message much better. In the announcement they also communicated an important economic aid for the communities affected by the Covid-19, but it put the emphasis on the communication of their values ​​and not so much on that gesture, which is why they connect much more with their target.

5. Energy factor: In addition to lowering rates now that household consumption is rising, it continues to communicate in a funny way (in radio spots it refers to the listener as “confi”), because it is a brand that can afford it since the ease is in their DNA. It makes the consumer have a good time and gives them a service that they value Gulf Phone Number List.

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