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Generation Covid Benin Email Lists

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Generation Covid Benin Email Lists

To the characteristics that we already knew about them – that they are impatient Bermuda Email Lists, hyperconnected or multitasking (many of which they already shared with millennials) -, we must now add this unprecedented variable for the rest of the generations: they lived a pandemic in full school age that it forced them to confine themselves and learn too soon to discipline themselves to survive. Although it is difficult to predict what this may mean about your future decisions, including consumer and lifestyle decisions, it seems quite evident that values ​​such as trust, security or the need to protect the common good have been installed forever in your life. moral and ideological matrix. Not to mention the concern about problems such as climate change or inequality, which have offered their most threatening side during this period of uncertainty.

And if these young people already had a special relationship with the so-called new technologies, which for them have nothing new because they were born with them, the fact that practically all the challenges that have arisen during the pandemic have been able to be faced by means of Online, from classes or supplies to relationships with friends and family, surely represents a definitive mental change regarding the way in which they are going to undertake their future projects for the rest of their lives.

These and others will be the reflections that brands have to make to manage the future, and it seems little questionable that in all cases they lead to an even greater impulse of digital transformation in all areas of life Gulf Phone Number List. Those of us who are dedicated to digital marketing have reason to consider it an opportunity to start building the brands of the future.

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