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From Behavioral Design Theory Bahamas Phone Number

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From Behavioral Design Theory Bahamas Phone Number

At the end of last year. The author himself was in charge of a brand new saas project. From project initiation and research. To target interviews. To program design. To seed customer promotion. And on-site implementation. All of them have been done personally. And the small closed loop of the prototype stage has been completely completed. We chatted with dozens of customers. Both large and small. And had a great conversation with the management of each company. They are very familiar with their business goals. Business models.



Upstream and downstream


And even profitability. And have compiled tens of thousands Bahamas Phone Number of detailed records of customer interviews. Then. Based on the degree of informatization awareness. The degree of enterprise scale. However  And the degree of matching with the current capabilities of the system.  It will come to the door to implement it and help the customer to run the system. But as the development of the system continued to move forward. My problem also followed: approaching the promised implementation time. The previously promised customers disappeared one by one. No phone call. No reply to wechat. It’s like being kidnapped by aliens all of a sudden. Fortunately.



Bahamas Phone Number List
Bahamas phone number

There are a few customers


However And they maintain a consistent welcome. So I made an appointment and flew to the customer’s place with my colleagues to sort out the business for the customer and teach the implementation. An average of 23 days of service for each customer can complete the basic configuration. Help the main role run through the process. And clarify the daily work responsibilities. I thought that implementing the system was like riding a bicycle. We have pushed the car to the top of the mountain together with the customer. As long as the customer is still in the car. The business can naturally run along the downhill. However.

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