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Frog’s 5 major user prototypes: the Luxembourg Phone Number best choice for researching users

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Frog’s 5 major user prototypes: the Luxembourg Phone Number best choice for researching users

“Face the user. Treat people like people”. The translation of this Luxembourg Phone Number slightly advanced phrase is “Users are people too”. At first glance. This sentence may feel like a nonsense. But you taste it. You taste it carefully. Do you understand the meaning of it a little bit? If not. It doesn’t matter. Please look down carefully. After reading it. I believe that you will definitely get the truth behind the sentence “Users are also people”. Why does frog say “Users are people too”? It all starts with the traditional way companies segment their users 2c companies typically divide consumers in two ways:



Two, five user prototypes

Base on how much the user spends  Segmentation by Luxembourg Phone Number demographics (eg age. Gender. And geography) Although these two methods are simple and convenient. They are not perfect. They ignore that people are complex organisms. More complex than the amount spent. Age or geography can reveal. When designing products and services. Such user segmentation creates problems that are even more pronounced. 1. Four types of spectrum of users’ consumption behavior Frog research found that the consumer behavior trends of users can be classified into four types of spectrum:


Luxembourg phone number
Luxembourg phone number

Efficiency Doers

Utility spectrum. From functional utility to affective utility On the functional utility side. Consumers aim to minimize time and effort. They want a purposeful shopping experience that operates as efficiently as possible. On the emotional utility side. Consumers want to be inspired. The process of shopping is just as important as the purpose. So consumers are happy to take the time to experience the entire shopping process. 2. Confidence spectrum. From leader to follower Leading consumers who are confident and willing to adopt self-service tools.

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