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Five steps of demand analysis: demand Peru Phone Number mining, insight into user needs from the underlying human nature

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Five steps of demand analysis: demand Peru Phone Number mining, insight into user needs from the underlying human nature

Why does the beginning of demand mining talk about “User emotions”? Because in the process of using the product. The user cannot express his experience hierarchically like a professional product manager. And the user’s inner feelings when using the product and the emotions generated when using the product can reflect the user’s feelings. Real needs and preferences. Professional product managers need to have empathy. To understand user emotions. have the ability to understand user emotional changes. To think from the perspective of the other party.



 Pleasure and unhappiness

However To observe user behavior through user emotions. And to Peru Phone Number discover real users. Need. Understanding user emotions can be said to be the cornerstone of demand analysis and the cornerstone of product design. Before. Mr. Liang ning analyzed “User sentiment” in her class “30 lectures on product thinking”. Based on mr. Liang ning’s analysis. I also ventured to share some of my humble opinions. 1.1 pleasure and unhappiness What kind of feeling is “Pleasure”? Scene 1: when traveling. The journey is smooth. The food and drink are good. The living is comfortable. And we take selfies with the beautiful scenery..


Peru phone number
Peru phone number

Look at product opportunities from user sentiment

However We will be happy. Scene 2: in a quiet cafe. Smelling the Peru Phone Number strong smell of coffee. Reading a favorite book. Being spiritually satisfied. We will be happy. Scenario 3: when we use an app on our mobile phone. We will feel happy if every interaction of each button on the app can bring us deterministic instant feedback. And the response speed becomes smoother and smoother. So. To put it simply. We feel pleasure when we are in a situation where a need is being met. Corresponding to the above three scenarios. You will find that the pleasant time is different.

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