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Find a job through social media

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Find a job through social media

According to a survey conducted by e-Marketer, 98 percent of recruiters check applicants’ social media. If you are looking for work, it would be better Buy Netherlands Mobile Number Database to clean up your social networks and delete comments or photos that could affect your branding personal , since according to a survey carried out by e-Marketer , 98 percent of recruiters Check the applicants’ social networks.

Read more about employment: 5 steps to finding a job in marketing The ranking of the 10 best places to work According to this survey conducted in the United States, 98 percent of recruiters used a social network to find talent in 2012, which represents an increase of four percent over the previous year.

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For the next few months, most employers said that they will give more relevance to social networks, 82.6 percent of those surveyed said they plan to use LinkedIn more than they used it last year. Likewise, 38.3 percent will use more Twitter and 37.4 who stated that they will use even more Facebook . In addition, one in five recruiters indicated that they will start using Google+ and blogging.

Regarding the networks that Phone Number List made it possible to find candidates more effectively, 93 percent of those surveyed cited LinkedIn, followed by Facebook, with 17 percent; and Twitter, with only 13 percent. In addition to recruiters, the unemployed also check social media to find work. Facebook is the dominant one with 66 percent, followed by LinkedIn, with 26 percent, and Twitter with two percent.

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