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Experience Management|NPS Ivory Coast Phone Number Experience: Cognition, Actual Combat and Rebirth

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Experience Management|NPS Ivory Coast Phone Number Experience: Cognition, Actual Combat and Rebirth

Following the above questions. Let’s talk about the basic understanding of nps. Whether it is to blindly follow the trend and pursue it. Or to monitor and control it for a long time. Strictly speaking. Nps. Net promoter score. Its core value is to measure loyalty. Through an authoritative question to investigate whether users or customers are willing to recommend a product or service to their family members or friends. So as to prove the consumer group whether you are truly satisfied with the product or service. But it cannot be use directly as a measure of satisfaction. The proponent of nps. Launched this concept.



Understanding of NPS

The purpose is to predict and achieve the Ivory Coast Phone Number development goals of sustainable growth and profitability of enterprises through long-term measurement of an indicator. And to help enterprises find people who like it (recommender) and people who don’t like it (critics). By calculating the proportion of these two groups of people. A relative value is obtained. Which is used to analyze and increase more recommenders and reduce critics. So as to promote the development of this relative value in the direction of absolute high. And finally prove the brand management.


Ivory-Coast phone number

The relationship between satisfaction and NPS

Benign profit growth and customer willingness to repurchase and recommend (loyalty) brands. For loyalty. It is a high degree of recognition and stickiness of customers for the products and services in the brand. And the most direct manifestation is that when a customer or the people around him need a certain type of product or service. The first response shows the choice. And recommended. This is a purely subjective judgmental thinking that needs to be cultivate for a long time. In order to cultivate and stabilize customer loyalty. In addition to continuously improving product and service satisfaction and maintaining a stable state.

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