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Examples of 404 Error Pages

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Examples of 404 Error Pages

1. Pixar
Pixar, with the popular character Tristeza from Del Revés greece phone number, tells us that if we feel like her for having come across an error page, then we should rethink our lives a bit.
Error 404 pixar

2. WeTransfer
WeTransfer has one of the most interactive error pages. It presents us with an almost psychedelic image, but in a second glance if we read below, it invites us to visit another page, where we find beautiful images that tell stories of people and inventiveness.
Error 404 Wetransfer

3. Oreo
On the Oreo.com 404 error page, someone devoured the “cookies.” Can you blame him for it?
Error 404 Oreo

4. Fox Movies
The Fox Movies website has a great way to suggest different movies to us in case we end up on their Error 404 page. We’ll find one of the best-known scenes from certain cult movies, as well as quotes and a selection of other more current titles. that might interest us.
Error 404 Fox Movies

5. McDonald’s
McDonald’s, in its American version, asks us how it is possible that we ended up on the error page, and then it shows us different options of what we were looking for so that we can continue browsing.

Error 404 McDonalds
End up on an Error 404 page can be very frustrating for the user. Take advantage of this page in a creative way to redirect it. Gulf Phone Number List

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