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Ecommerce Campaigns and Ideas From Digital Marketing Agencies in 2020

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Ecommerce Campaigns and Ideas From Digital Marketing Agencies in 2020

“The golden times of eCommerce” is one of the terms that define how 2020 has been for both the brands and digital agencies  Costa Rica Email List. From fashion brands to restaurants, eCommerce service became such an obligation.

Especially the industries that struggled the most during the coronavirus outbreak became the ones that needed the most to show off on eCommerce environments. Either on eCommerce platforms or on their own eCommerce websites, it was necessary to make their customers be able to shop online.

Here are some of the inspiring eCommerce ideas from digital marketing agencies:

Major Tom
Major Tom is on the board of eCommerce Marketplace as a digital marketing agency. After realizing that adopting some of the changes will make for stronger businesses, they launched an eCommerce site: TinCan.

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Major Tom’s marketplace features a complimentary list of professional services. Their site allows customers and prospects to transact quickly and engage with Major Tom on bite-sized marketing services.

They aimed to improve their foundation for growth during and after the pandemic. What’s more, this will also allow for the growth of the companies listed as well as a trusted platform to engage in an eCommerce world with organizations that are not otherwise set up this way.

Third-party eCommerce platforms like Shopify became a way to increase online visibility and a chance to sell online. Propeller launched a brand new website for one of their customers, Fullgreen. The website was built on Shopify bringing their range of nutritious, 100% plant-based products D2C.

The agency’s two decades of invaluable experience with hospitality and eCommerce to many of their clients in the food and beverage segment was a factor in their success with creating the perfect eCommerce strategy.

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