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E-mail marketing? Yes, but in newsletter

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E-mail marketing? Yes, but in newsletter

There are several advantages of a traditional format that is sometimes forgotten There are many reasons to continue including email marketing in the Iceland Phone Number List design of a digital strategy and also others not to, as a recent article by Merca20 points out . However, few consider an alternative way to use this resource, which is not only valid, but highly attractive: the newsletter .

Why write a newsletter? For several reasons. The format allows us to link content our own – from our website or blog – and that of others – from the industry, to deliver an alternative service to our clients. It forces us to generate content . A newsletter can include offers, but to be attractive it has to present interesting content. For this reason, once we have started the campaign, it is essential for us to generate movement in our institutional sites.

It allows a close language . Although it is an ‘official’ document of the brand, the format lends itself to a more colloquial language, which avoids the need to personalize the message. Now, in templates such as Joomla, for example, an extension can be integrated that automatically personalizes the written content, from the Web, to the contacts previously entered in the platform’s agenda.

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It does not necessarily require prior permission , because, in general, people are interested in the format, since it gives them, through their headlines, an overview of the events of the industry. It is important to give the option of ‘unsubscribe’ , so as not to make the action synonymous with spam.

It gives freedom to the receiver. The newsletter gives the recipient the option to be interested in some topics and ignore the others. If none of the links seem attractive to you, just get rid of the email and that’s it. Therefore, titles are very important to attract the reader. Positioning and presence . The use of a weekly or biweekly newsletter positions the company as a dynamic entity vis-à-vis the environment and the competition, in addition to marking a constant presence in the client’s email.

Opportunity for direct communication with the Phone Number List client . Many times, the client has doubts or questions regarding various topics of our company, which are not necessarily related to the content that we address in the newsletter. But, the fact of receiving the email, triggers the interest in presenting the question or questions that have been spinning in his mind, establishing direct communication with the company.

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