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E-commerce series – market user analysis Tunisia Phone Number

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E-commerce series – market user analysis Tunisia Phone Number

In the e-commerce industry. Whether it is a data analyst. Therefore Project manager. Store manager. Grass-roots operation. Etc.. All need to have a clear understanding of the user changes in their category. Today. We are standing on the brand side. From the following in terms of dimensions. Let’s talk about user analysis of the e-commerce market. Market user portrait analysis (portraits. Therefore New and old customers); Market consumer scenario analysis (search terms. Evaluation. Off-site); The source and destination of market consumers (from what category).



Hence the following crowd strategy

Therefore Market growth potential In the figure below. The data in Tunisia Phone Number red is the data indicating a faster growth rate. From the figure below. It can be seen that instant black coffee has maintained rapid growth in the number of people for two consecutive years. And the volume of this category is at the forefront of the big coffee industry. From the brand’s perspective. This is a category where opportunities exist. But we also need to see what kind of users are driving this growth and what actions are affecting those users. 2. Analysis of market user portraits 1.


Tunisia phone number
Tunisia phone number

User portrait analysis

Therefore Analysis of new and old customers Category new Tunisia Phone Number customers: users who have purchased in the current period and purchased in the past year. It can be seen from the figure below that the proportion of new customers in this industry category is as high as 70%+. Far exceeding the proportion of old customers. For brands. This is an industry that is very suitable for new strategies. So for new users. It is routine strategies include: accumulating consumers who have a certain mind on the brand by sending samples before the event. Increasing the rights and interests of new customers during the event. Including no threshold coupons and gifts to increase .

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