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Due to the glass crisis Starbucks changed PR

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Due to the glass crisis Starbucks changed PR

That CM error (in which he apologized for using “national glasses”) had consequences within Starbucks Argentina: he changed his PR consultant and added one specialized in PR. Finally, eight months later, that error by the community manager (in which he apologized for using “national glasses”) had South Korea Mobile Number Database consequences within Starbucks Argentina : he changed his PR consultant, added another agency specialized in digital public relations and even CEO.

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First, we must remember the events of July 2012, when an error by a community maganer had international repercussions in terms of digital communication. At that time, on Twitter , the leading company in the sale of coffee apologized for using glasses of Argentine origin , since they had not been able to get the good ones, the imported ones. From there, a scale of comments on all social networks with ironic phrases and nothing beneficial for the brand. In fact, it did not take seconds for the message to arouse tens, hundreds and even thousands of reactions against the company for what was considered an attack on the national industry. The hashtag PedimosDisculpas served for all kinds of expressions and was TT long hours on Twitter. See the complete news in Merca 20, here .

Now, the news comes from the Phone Number List magazine Imagen . Is that, according to the publication, after the “crisis of the cups”, Starbucks changed CEO in Argentina, PR agency and took on a specialized digital consultancy. The PR consultant Personally took charge of communication with the media for the Starbucks coffee chain in Argentina, taking over from the North American Edelman,” published Imagen . “The company also added a digital PR agency, DM Fusión, after the notorious ‘cup crisis’ last July”.

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