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Do you have an iPhone 3G? Forget WhatsApp

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Do you have an iPhone 3G? Forget WhatsApp

According to the creator of WhatsApp, Apple must find a prompt solution Undoubtedly WhatsApp is one of the most loved applications by mobile phone users. Fast Finland Mobile Phone Numbers List and free, it allows you to optimize communication in all parts of the world. Sadly, not all good things last forever. If you have an iPhone 3G , forget about WhatsApp.

Through an official statement, the company reported that although an update is available, when downloaded from the AppStore , it can only be used if it has a version 4.3 or higher, which marginalizes the iPhone3G, which uses the iOS 4.2 platform. .1.

WhatsApp points out that the problem must be resolved by Apple , but that it does not allow updates to be compatible with previous versions and accuses the company of programming its phones to be obsolete. Comments on the subject have already taken over social networks , generating complaints because they privilege the application over the device. Apple has not made a statement on the matter, to avoid controversy.

Meanwhile, LINE , WhatsApp’s main competition, exceeds 100 million users in the world, according to the same South Korean company. The application, which has become increasingly popular since its creation in June 2011, has already spread to more than 230 countries and uses 11 languages. NHN, the company that created the application, reported that it plans to strengthen the presence of the product in Europe, China and the United States. For this, it will also make strategic alliances with other suppliers, in order to improve its offer.

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LINE’s idea is to reach 200 million downloads, but to do so, it must improve its presence in all markets and offer more than the competition, which is part of the Phone Number List company’s immediate challenge. Competition is always a bit fierce for companies and we will see big battles, like every year. The best thing is that we know in advance who will be the winner, only one, the consumer.

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