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Since July 2017, dark green scooters have been driving through the country. You’ve probably seen them or ridden them: the electric shared scooters from felyx. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs who saw the trend in San Francisco and Barcelona. They started a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch the first scooters in Amsterdam. In 2021 they drove in 24 million in investments.

An electric scooter in seconds

The concept is simple: book an electric scooter in seconds for a quick and fun trip through the city. Or to the beach, we heard

In 5 years, felyx has grown into one of the largest mobility startups in our low countries. But they go further. The green scooters are driving around in Germany and Belgium. European roll-out will follow soon.

Also great, felyx is in Wired Magazine’s list of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups and was voted several times by LinkedIn as the top 10 best startups to work for.

Who leads marketing at felyx?

Hello Gijs Hoonhout ! Since August 2021 the Global Head of Marketing of felyx. He is an entrepreneurial marketer with 10+ years of experience in marketing and tech (including Rocket Internet, , HelloFresh and Spotcap). An entrepreneur himself with no fewer than three companies, Gijs was one of the first importers of the popular drink Club-Mate.

What does Gijs think is the best development in tech? That everyone can start entrepreneurship easily by using Quality Directors Email Lists different tools. As a result, accessibility has increased exponentially in recent years. This way you can build a webshop within a week with shipments, payments, automatic e-mails and more. That was different in 2012.

Quality Directors Managers Email Lists

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In addition to his passions for entrepreneurship, Gijs talks about marketing at felyx. From their agile approach, collaboration with product development and rapid growth in international markets, both B2B and B2C.

In this HelloMasters Podcast

Gijs talks about marketing at felyx:

  • Seasonality: how do they deal with it?
  • Tips for launches abroad
  • Growth strategy for B2C and B2B
  • Marketing team and method

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