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Digital reputation as a competitive differentiator

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Digital reputation as a competitive differentiator

First reputation can be defined as a collective assessment of a company’s ability to deliver expected results to an expressive group of customers. Therefore, Reputation is understood in different ways. That is, It can be demonstrated as a brand. An identity or an asset of immeasurable value. What is reputation? A company’s reputation is defined as based on the perceptions that customers have in relation to it. That is, It demonstrates the influence that is exerted on the customers’ decision to favor or not the company or brand. In addition to demonstrating trust. On the other hand, “the reflection of the image or the accumulation of the image over time is what builds a company’s reputation. This further reinforces that positive images build a positive reputation.” you could say that reputation is like a memory; and especially from the 20th century onwards. Organizations began to pay greater attention.

To their actions and behavior towards society

What makes image reputation different? A strong and solid reputation is only possible when alignment between the organization’s identity and image is achieved. Reputation is something that is built up over time. While image is just a perception  Vietnam Phone Number List of a certain period. Therefore, Reputation can be defined as a resource based on positive past experiences. But with a view to the future. Memory is reputation. This is its clearest synonym. Because when you buy a product or service. You live an experience. Soon. A memory is created about it. Once it is being positive. It is likely that the repurchase and also indication to friends will occur. The most used methodology for measuring reputation is the “reputation quotient”. This was created with the intention of structuring a scale that would meet different business cultures.

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It was developed by gardberg and fombrum

The dimensions that make up the scale are performance. Leadership Governance, Products services. Innovation, Work environment and citizenship. Associated with this. When measuring reputation. Aspects related to the perception of Gulf Phone Number List reputation must be used. This is formed by the reference members of primary groups that are colleagues and friends initial reputation. The perception of the company in relation to the competition relative reputation and the reputation of the company according to the perception of the market in general. The importance of having a digital reputation a good reputation brings with it a package of strategic benefits for the company. Such as, Awakening the interest of new investors and customers.

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