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Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

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Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

1. Increased Use of Social Media to Engage and Retain
Prepare to dedicate more marketing resources Czech Republic Phone Number List to social media strategies in 2021. During Q2 of 2020, social media marketing budgets accounted for nearly 24% of the total marketing budgets in the U.S., up from 13% in 2019. In 2020, marketers increasingly made customer retention and lead generation a top priority, which will continue well into 2021.

2. The Rise of Micro-Influencers
Influencers are people who have built and demand a commendable social following by producing quality, engaging content. They can be Instagram stars, YouTube celebrities, or Facebook and Twitter influencers.

3. Interactive Marketing Content
Providing interactive elements to your website and social media platforms is a great way to retain visitors, offer them value, increase their engagement with your brand and content, and learn more about them.

4. Video Content
Cisco’s Annual Internet Report (2018-2023) predicts that video content will amount to 82% of all Internet traffic, which is a marketers’ gold mine. HubSpot also reports that 54% of consumers prefer more video content from brands.

5. Increased Use of Google Listings and Local SEO
If you manage or own a business, the best thing you can do to increase walk-in customers and your online presence is to verify and keep current on your local listings on the various search platforms available to you.

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6. Mobile Inbound Marketing
Mobile is an integral part of consumers’ daily lives, and more people are consuming online content on their devices. Mobile marketing produces instantaneous results and has a huge viral potential. As a result, brands will continue optimizing their content and websites for mobile devices in 2021.

7. Personalizing Content for the Consumer
Content personalization is now a useful marketing tool, thanks to the increased online traffic in 2020. It helps you build effective sales email campaigns, educate your audience, drive new and repeat business to your website, and achieve other goals in the digital realm.

8. Chatbots and AI will Supplement Content Creation and Delivery
AI and chatbots will enhance content creation and delivery strategies and become inextricable parts of the global user experience.

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