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Different Information Macedonia Phone Number Search Tasks: Behavioral Patterns and User Expectations

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Different Information Macedonia Phone Number Search Tasks: Behavioral Patterns and User Expectations

People have different needs depending on the type of tasks they Macedonia Phone Number perform. And finding a specific fact (for example. When national ice cream day is) may only take a few keystrokes. Conversely. Research tasks. Such as understanding the causes and treatments of people’s insomnia. Can take days or even weeks of work. The three types of tasks In a recent large-scale survey study. We identified three distinct types of online information-seeking behaviors based on user intent: Get: the user finds a fact. Finds product information. Or downloads something.



The three types of tasks

For example. One participant reviewed the steps to Macedonia Phone Number perform cpr. Compare/select: the user evaluates multiple products or sources of information to make a decision. For example. One participant compared the price and features of several pieces of specialized scientific equipment to decide which one to buy. Comprehension: the user gains an understanding of a topic. For example. One participant reported that he decided not to start a ketogenic diet based on information he found online.


Macedonia phone number
Macedonia phone number

“Acquisition” task: it is difficult to remember

We can use an example to distinguish these three information-seeking behaviors. Imagine your wifi router is broken. If you look up your service provider’s phone number. You’re on a “Get” task. If you decide to buy a new router and choose from several makes and models. You are on a “Compare/choose” task. If you want information about how routers work. You need to perform an “Understanding” task. These three tasks are not equally frequent. Our research shows that key information is more likely to be obtained through

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