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Design Talk Israel WhatsApp Number List The way of used car operation

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Design Talk Israel WhatsApp Number List The way of used car operation

Basic elements of used car operation

1.1 Contrast the special atmosphere and control the basic tonality

The basic tonality is the foundation of a topic. At the beginning of the design, we nee to grasp the general direction, and then we will continue to develop the design in depth, so as to avoid the tragedy of overturning and redoing the whole design in the middle of the design. The problem of details is gone, and continuous in-depth details will make the topic more attractive.

1.2 Clear expression of click entry

Whether the entry is clear or not provides a strong guarantee for the data that will be launche later. A button with a suitable size and a clear click entry are convenient for users to operate, thereby increasing the click data. In most cases, we should deliberately emphasize or use motion effects to attract users to click and increase their attention to these portal

The button design Israel WhatsApp Number List of the Mid-Autumn Festival h5 is too obscure, causing some users to enter the homepage and lose the operation button because they cannot find it.

1.3 The proportion of screen content and the control of reading rhythm

If controlling the reading rhythm is the key to optimizing the user experience, it is also Israel WhatsApp Number List a means to prevent user loss. Due to the variety of sizes of different devices, what is displaye on the first screen of the operation topic is particularly important. Similar to the first impression of a meeting, exceeding one screen or being too compresse is a bad experience. 768x1024px is currently the main minimum resolution for 58 users, so. We use this resolution size as the design benchmark, and conclude that a better way is to display a little content on the second screen at the bottom of the first screen (if there is a banner, The banner height will be controlle within 480px), which can better attract users to pull down to continue browsing and reduce user churn.

1.4 Extraction of thematic elements, classification of copy content

Get the prototype and think deeply, and sort the important levels of the copy from. High to low, so that users can get the most comfortable reading experience. In addition, it is necessary to highlight the selling points as. Much as possible, highlight the prizes with prizes, and highlight the prices with low prices.

2. How to enhance visual impact

2.1 Choose a high-definition car picture, which is more dynamic or exaggerate from the shooting angle

Israel WhatsApp Number List
Israel WhatsApp Number List

High definition will make the topic more quality, and the exaggerate shooting angle itself has a strong visual impact. If you find such material, you often only nee to do. Extension processing on the basis of maintaining the original dynamics of the vehicle, and you can make a film. High impact topic.

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