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Data moves the world

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Data moves the world

When Hobbes in “Leviathan” exposed the idea that “who has the information thai cell phone number, has the power”, he did not imagine that his sentence would become a phrase with such validity in 2020.

Hobbes was referring to information, but today power lies not only in possessing information, but also in how it is managed to turn it into something advantageous. In this environment marked by technology, we have given a twist to the binomial information and power through Big Data. The algorithms were intended to turn data into valuable information, capable of facilitating decision-making and turning it into business opportunities for many companies.


Data has always been important for any company, but what is new is the dimension that everything acquires today. Following the roadmap drawn by giants like Facebook, Amazon or Google, which base their power on the combination of data and algorithms, more and more companies are investing large amounts of money in Big Data. Technology companies have opened the ban, but the growing interest of companies from all sectors in this new environment is extraordinary.

In the communication sector, we are not alien to this phenomenon that requires us to be able to interpret key data in communicative terms and ensure that the companies and brands we work for can better adapt to the needs of all their stakeholders. , of all your audiences. We have the challenge of knowing how to handle this Big Data to understand the profile, needs, and feelings of our clients, how they interact and what are the keys to their sector Gulf Phone Number List. Data is also a challenge for communication professionals, its strategic role is already a key piece in our daily work.

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