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CX rules

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CX rules

Scott Edinger remembers a time when his family ordered take-out for dinner from a local Italian restaurant during the height of the pandemic lockdown:

Along with our dinner, we received a roll of toilet paper branded with the restaurant’s logo, which was an incredibly valuable and unexpected add-on at that time. When everyone was struggling to find toilet paper in the stores, this restaurant that had an excess of toilet paper because they could not serve dine-in guests, seized on an opportunity to create an exceptional customer service experience.

Calling for a take-out dinner was a digitally enabled transaction. What elevated it to an unforgettable customer experience was the gift of the toilet roll.

Writing before the virus took over the world Czech Republic Email List, Stefan Thomke talks about the importance of customer experience (CX) design:

Czech Republic Email List

Customers want their choices to align as much with their feelings and senses as with their values and ethics. The rational approaches taught at most business schools—offer customers more value for money, add features, make service more efficient—are not enough. Creating memorable experiences for customers also requires a bit of emotional magic.

He cites a Gallup study to remind that:

Organizations that optimize emotional connections outperform rivals by 26% in terms of gross margin and 85% in terms of sales growth. They cultivate emotionally engaged customers who are less price sensitive, less likely to buy from competitors, and three times more likely to recommend and repurchase.

The journey between visiting a company’s website, say, and making an actual purchase is an emotional, cognitive, and motivational process. It’s the mix of those forces that creates feelings, memories, and stories about an organization, whether positive, negative, or ambivalent. It’s this variability that creates opportunities for companies to deliver memorable experiences.

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