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Cumbia Papal was all the rage on social media

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Cumbia Papal was all the rage on social media

A hit of humor, created by the band of the Danger program, without coding from Telefé The election of the Argentine Pope continues to generate movement in social networks and the Australia Mobile Number Database “brand” of the sister republic continues to rise. As the joke war between Brazil and Argentina progresses, the whole world takes a closer look at the new Pontiff, which is apparently good for the Catholic Church. The latest: the Papal Cumbia.

Three days ago, trans-Andean television showed the band of the program Danger , without coding, delivering to the world their most recent genius, precisely “La Cumbia Papal” which, among other phrases says “the mass is not with Caipirihna, we commune with Fernet.”

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A tribute, fun and media, at least it has been taken very well on social networks and there are no reactions from Catholics. We do not know what the authorities think, such as the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who yesterday affirmed, after a first meeting with the new Pontiff, “The Pope is Argentine, but God is Brazilian”, but surely he must have laughed, as anyone who has heard the lyrics of the new “hit”

The video, uploaded to YouTube on the Phone Number List same day as its presentation on Telefe, has more than 2 million visits, many of which tirelessly repeat the curious and hilarious phrases composed by the band. And while I write about innovation for Merca20 , I cannot resist publishing this note, because what seems absolutely light, has the grace of search, humor and “the other look” essential for good results in digital marketing .

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