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Content strategy on TikTok

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Content strategy on TikTok

With all these arguments in its favor Kyrgyzstan Email Lists, it is understood the current interest by brands, companies and institutions to open their profile on the platform and explore the possibilities in their marketing strategy.

For now, brands are adopting different strategies on Tiktok:

1. Maintain an active profile as one more channel of your content strategy, always following the following rules:

Be authentic: The platform serves to show another face of the company.
Being personal: Often the channel features a person from the team, a face that represents the brand on TikTok.
With humor: It must entertain and amuse.
Make existing content yours: Join challenges and viral songs and take them to the brand’s field.
2. Bet on a less active profile and gain visibility with specific actions and advertisements. This strategy can be ideal at the beginning of the channel to check what works for us and what does not and, from this initial experience, develop a medium-term TikTok strategy with a more active profile. There are currently four types of ads on TikTok:

Brand acquisitions: It is the first content that is shown to the user when connecting to TikTok.
Native ads: They are reproduced among the content of the users. They can be omitted.
Hashtag challenges: It is a more elaborate action but one that can yield spectacular results due to the viralization power of the platform. A brand challenge is promoted to encourage user participation and create their own content.
Brand lenses and filters: You can create a filter related to your company / brand / activity.
Sweepstakes: Although no links can yet be added to the profile, sweepstakes can be organized with the help of Easypromos. With this platform you can create a form through which users can participate. To promote it, you can create short videos on your profile explaining how to participate. You can also share these videos on Instagram and Facebook Stories Gulf Phone Number List, a possibility offered by TikTok and used to explore synergies between platforms.

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