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Content Operations: 7 Triggers to Engage Your Readers Shandong Mobile Phone Number List

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Content Operations: 7 Triggers to Engage Your Readers Shandong Mobile Phone Number List

To do a self-media operation. You first need to understand the incentives that can make your content attractive. Once you apply these triggers. Your readers will be intrigued by what you’ve written. 7 psychological triggers Here are seven triggers. And seven triggers that attract readers. They are: passion. Mystery. Alert. Prestige. Authority. Unconventional. And trust. In the actual application process. You can choose the appropriate trigger according to your own personality and content positioning. Trigger 1: passion Passion here refers to the “Sense of participation” proposed by lei jun. What is participation? Participation is the most basic feeling of being an organic being. The feeling that one is in touch with the world. In other words.


Trigger 3: Alert

There is a sense of identity. Understanding. And Shandong Mobile Phone Number List understanding of what the reader is doing. No matter whether it is good or bad. The feeling of resonance at the same frequency always exists. E.G: Why do you like the internet so much? Because it is human instinct to connect with the world. Why do people pay more attention to things on the internet. But seldom care about the things of the people around them? Because people want to connect with more things. Not just limited things. In order for readers to react to your work and prompt them to share with their friends. You must develop a deep connection with them. But the truth is that information itself has no connection to people.



Shandong Mobile Phone Number List

Trigger 6: Unconventional

To connect with your readers. You have to be Shandong Mobile Phone Number List passionate and moving. If your readers feel your passion. Reach out to them and you’ll discover the value of social sharing. Trigger 2: mystery Mystery can spark our imagination. Suggesting more possibilities. If you can generate curiosity in the title of the article. It will increase the willingness of readers to read. Titles aren’t the only way to use cryptic triggers. And story thinking can keep readers interested. Using suspense is one of the most powerful tools in storytelling. Suspense makes your readers eager to know what’s going to happen next. And leaves readers eager to learn about your next article or your next status update. Provided that you tell your readers what helpful content you’ll be offering them.

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