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Content marketing for your online store

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Content marketing for your online store

Content marketing is the process of creating original, high-quality pieces; aimed at a target audience, pieces that are interesting or help solve problems brazil telephone.

Instead of selling or promoting directly, content marketing presents a brand, a service or a product in a more accessible way, providing valuable information and generating activity or engagement with users.

In this video I will talk about the key points that you should take into account when creating a content strategy for an ecommerce and some examples so that you can achieve more sales

The most important part of content marketing is strategy. Content without strategy is just words, images and videos that become part of the noise on the Internet.

A strategy will help you stay focused and maintain a purpose

In addition, it has more specific benefits such as; drive traffic to your website, build your brand trust, increase conversions, create an additional revenue stream, and evergreen content can provide you with lasting value

But how to create a suitable strategy?

Step 1. Identify your Buyer Persona

Identify your target Buyer Persona, that is, that ideal customer who could be fascinated by your content because it is useful and interesting

To identify them you must take into account their demographic data, their personality type, you must discover what motivates them, what are their main pain points and the media in which they like to consume content

Step 2. Learn how your audience consumes the content

To do this, you can analyze your internal data or explore trends in your industry

– What are the most popular social networks of your target audience?
– The type of content they prefer (video, infographics, podcast)?
– How do you make your purchases online?
– How much time are you willing to spend to consume content? Gulf Phone Number List

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