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Content marketing for your online store 2

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Content marketing for your online store 2

Step 1. Research and create content

Spend time studying your competition free number brazil, discover the most searched keywords, enter discussion forums, stay up to date with the news of your sector.

Then brainstorm with the people involved in the creation process. Examine what content the top brands or the most relevant influencers produce. And strive to think “outside the box”, to be unique and different

Step 2. Post content to the right part of the funnel

In its simplest form, the sales funnel is divided into 3 parts

The top of the funnel is the customer awareness or discovery stage, where you show the pain points.

Whether through blogging, social media marketing, search engine marketing or some other channel, the content should provide solutions to problems without any specific sales.

In the middle of the funnel is the consideration stage, in it you must interact more deeply with your potential customers, and create trust

Here you have already shown that you understand their pain points and now you can start pointing out solutions

Where before you tried to educate the audience, now you are guiding them towards the best answers: yours.

Comparison guides, success stories, and even free samples can be among the things you offer

The bottom of the sales funnel is the buying stage, where people put their money where their interest is.

This is where you show that your product has exceptional value.

At this stage, you can use live chat, chatbots or emails to keep your message present when making a decision.

Step 3. Measure the results

Understand that the creation of content is a continuous process, and not something unique, that is why you must constantly analyze the results to be able to improve them day by day

Traffic channels, number of leads, conversion rate, time on the page, times shared on social networks, level of engagement, ROI, are some of the metrics that you should always keep an eye on.

Step 4. Collect feedback from your customers

The numbers will help you measure, but the feedback from your audience will allow you to see things that the statistics ignore.

Much of the improvement in content and increased sales comes from listening to your customers

Whether it’s via email, live chat, interviews, or calls, understanding what your customer thinks about your sales process is crucial to improving

These are all that you must follow to create a content strategy in your ecommerce, but even if you are wondering what type of content you can create, I give you some tips.

The first of them is that you create a blog, these types of publications are fundamental for most content strategies, they build relationships with the audience, generate leads and allow the use of search engine optimization practices. Gulf Phone Number List

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