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Considerations when choosing a hashtag

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Considerations when choosing a hashtag

The little Twitter symbol becomes a tool that is good to value Let’s agree that a small action can have an interesting result. This is the case of the Mexico Phone Number List use of hashtags. If you can go viral, it is likely that your name or your brand will begin to sound in the minds of the followers, even for a few hours, as it happens with a TT. If you work it well, it is an interesting strategy digital marketing .

First of all, remember what a hashtag is: a word categorized by Twitter, which focuses a certain audience around a topic. Therefore, if you sell books and want to promote your store, for example, the hashtag books already generates a filter to find the group of followers interested in your product and that they find you.

The above is basic, but do you intend to viralize a hashtag? If that’s the case, consider the following points: Use a hashtag that allows people to share ideas. Following the example above, it could be something like I LoveTheTalking Books or I’mReading. So you are associating your item with an idea that can be shared because it will identify the concerns of your target and obviously there will be more possibility that your tweet will be retweeted.

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The above allows you to use it in the long term, but another thing is the hashtag used for a flash contest, which can be a hit. When was opened in Chile, Pizza Pizza each person who made a RT of a related # and sent an email during the initial campaign period, got a pizza with a drink of their choice. It was totally crazy, but today they have more than 17,000 on Twitter alone. Determine the value of the hashtag for the campaign. What are you looking for? Make noise, get more followers? Are you interested in crowsourcing? Define well what you want the hashtag for, so that you know which term is best suited to your goals.

Check its pre-existence. This is pretty obvious, but as cool as an idea may sound to you, check to see if anyone thought of it before you. One of the Phone Number List strengths of hashtags lies in their originality. In addition, it is advisable to be sure that the terms say what we want, that they do not have a double meaning. Give it time. It is not necessary to get a TT, it is enough that in a time that you determine, it is used by several people. If you go slow, you go safe, they say, and that also works for results in digital marketing .


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