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Connect only to known and secure WiFi networks

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Connect only to known and secure WiFi networks

Connect only to known and secure WiFi networks turkey mobile number search. Another tip to surf without surprises is to make sure that the WiFi network used is secure. When connecting to a public WiFi network, information sent through websites or applications will be recorded. We must be aware that someone could be accessing this information, so we must always bear in mind that every time we connect to a public WiFi network, we are opening the door to our personal data.
The Payment Services Law indicates that payment operations are only considered authorized when the payer has given his consent (Art. 36 LSP), therefore, if the user denies having authorized an operation, the bank must immediately return the amount of the operation (Art. 45 LSP).

In case of having suffered phishing, the Banking Entity must be informed immediately, so that it blocks the payment method and issues new security credentials. Next, a complaint must be filed with the National Police, detailing the method used to commit the fraud. It is important to keep the messages received from the scammer, in order to be able to prove how the fraud was committed, how the payment order was initiated and the lack of consent of the order.

Submit a written claim to the bank, requiring that they restore the account to the state it had prior to the operations, and requesting the reimbursement of the amount of the operations that it has not authorized.

If the bank does not address the claim, it should be placed in the hands of lawyers specialized in computer crimes, so that they can intercede on its behalf with the bank and, where appropriate, deduct the necessary legal actions for the restitution of the funds Gulf Phone Number List.

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