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Components of a web page in WordPress

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Components of a web page in WordPress

A website in wordpress is composed of three main parts, totally differentiated iceland cell phone. You will find all of them on any website created with wordpress and they feed off each other.

The Core: The core of wordpress is wordpress itself, worth the redundancy. That is, they are all those files, folders, images, icons, etc, etc that form the basis of wordpress. If we do a clean install of WordPress, that would be the core. The wordpress core is kept up to date thanks to the wordpress community. Non-profit developers who contribute to its development and improvement.
Currently the wordpress version is 5.1 and 5.2 will be released soon.
Themes, templates or themes: Although the core is the most important part of wordpress, a wordpress project could not function without a template. WordPress itself comes by default with several “Twenty-foo” themes depending on its version. These themes or templates provide the “visual” part of the web and also (some) add functionalities. By modifying the theme that we have installed, either through code or through settings from the control panel, we can customize how our web page looks (Colors, fonts, size, blocks, menus …).
Plugins: Plugins are non-standalone “programs” used to extend the basic functionality of WordPress. Imagine WordPress as if it were the engine and chassis of a machine, the theme as if it were the basic design and the plugins as if they were all the options that allow the customization of the machine itself.
Basically those are the three components that make up wordpress, the rest will be configurations and content that we will include on our website making use of those 3 components and that will finally conclude in what the common user knows as a web page. Gulf Phone Number List

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