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Cómo sacar un Respaldo de una Página Web de WordPress (Tutorial)

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Cómo sacar un Respaldo de una Página Web de WordPress (Tutorial)

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to make a backup or backup of a WordPress page usa any phone number. And also how to recover a backup on your WordPress website. It is very important that we take a backup of our WordPress page, in the event that there is any problem on our page or we want to migrate the page to another server, we can recover our information and the page will work normally. We are going to show you a simple method in which you are going to back up your website using a plugin called All-in-One WP Migration. This plugin allows you to both Export and Import websites in a very simple way, with just a few clicks.

How to backup a web page
The first thing we must do to get the backup is to go to the Plugins tab and click on Add Plugin. Then, we proceed to Download and Activate the Plugin “All in One WordPress Migration”. Therefore, once the plugin is activated we will look for the All in One WordPress Migration option in the left bar.

In this bar you will see 3 options. Export in case you want to make a backup or backup of your wordpress website. Import in case you want to recover a backup copy within that page. In the Backup option you will see the different backup copies that have been taken on that page.
To make a backup copy of the web we click on Export. The plugin allows you to export the backup file from the web to different channels. You can export the page to a file, you can upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive, Mega, Digital Ocean, among others. If you want to download the backup to your computer you must click on “File” or “File”.

The plugin will start preparing to download the back of the page. The moment the backup is ready, the web page shows you a download button for you to click and shows the size of the backup. We proceed to download the file and save it in a safe place. Gulf Phone Number List

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