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ClubHouse, to listen and talk about what interests you

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ClubHouse, to listen and talk about what interests you

By now everyone has heard about this new social network proposal Barbados Email Lists. And it is that ClubHouse is a space that values ​​a real need of people – listen and talk about what interests you – and one of the historical tensions of it – do it in a forum where people will talk about the same than you. Of course, people who belong to the club, since they have to recommend someone they know to be part of it (elevator pitch).
ClubHouse has that addictive element of podcasts, but raised to the umpteenth power that generates the power of live shows and participation and is that streaming gives the feeling that it turns a story into truth, authentic and differentiates it from care and well produced podcast, which has already earned its own niche in our (increasingly smaller) time and space for content.

It starts from the basis of what we understand by human behavior and that is so engaging: “listen and be listened to” but with one ingredient that rarely fails, exclusivity, entering an environment where not everything goes, to which not everything the world has access … The “CLUB” concept is an effective trap that shows you this social network as something aspirational and exclusive. (a minute of silence for all those who were fighting to be part of “Asmallworld) How long will the exclusivity last when the model begins to be monetized?

Another of the key elements of ClubHouse is having a space beyond stereotypes, it is not the social network of young people, nor of the elderly Gulf Phone Number List, that of athletes or celebrities … ClubHouse is a space where people talk about the things that they interest you with other people.

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