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Circumstance Affect Tongliao Phone Number

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Circumstance Affect Tongliao Phone Number

For its part. Female participation in positions of responsibility is 26% . Which represents an advance compared to 14% in 2004 but an inadequate representation for the gender that Tongliao phone number up more than half of our active population with university studies. Finally. 19.83% of the positions on the Board of Directors of Ibex 35 companies in 2016 were held by women. A percentage that has increased by 13.75% compared to 2015 but is behind the eurozone ( 21.2%) and far from the European Commission’s target of 40% by 2020 . In short.

More and more women are working but they occupy positions of lesser responsibility and continue to face a huge wage gap. In view of these data. It is not that we ask ourselves: will female talent be the Tongliao phone number victim of the social and labor revolution that will come from the hand of technology in just a decade? In peoplematters they have it clear. Minimal presence in STEM Although there are analysts who point to the year 2030 as the turning point for achieving parity between the sexes in positions of responsibility. The truth is that the horizon we are heading towards.

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According to the latest Davos Report . Is the destruction of more than seven million of jobs before 2020 as a result of technological and demographic changes. Two-thirds of them will be Tongliao phone number -collar jobs. Most of them administrative roles. Mostly held by women. Two million new jobs will also be created in fields related to computing. Mathematics. Engineering and architecture (STEM profiles). Just specialties in which women are also a minority. According to the Ministry of Education . The Spanish university population is made up of 54% women. But they only occupy 25% of the places in technical careers and 10% in ICT engineering. In fact. Only 7% of university students have a purely STEM profile

Tongliao phone number

So that “companies are going to need positions that they will not be able to cover at the same time that there is greater unemployment.” says Ardid. The worst consequences will be Tongliao phone number by women. The lower presence of women in ICT technical and engineering careers. Together with the fact that only 7 out of 100 students are in STEM careers. Allows peoplematters to assure that around 2% of women will be prepared to face the technological revolution . Assuming this data an unquantifiable setback in the employment situation of women but that would undoubtedly mean several decades. From all this. Beatriz Ardid explains. It can be deduced that

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Education is going to play a critical role at an early stage. Having to reinforce the mathematical and scientific skills of our students to adapt to the future demands of the labor market.” Likewise. The collaboration of all social agents will be important to promote this training and to demand measures in order to promote female Tongliao phone number in future profiles. Labor update: these are the main legislative and labor developments that will arrive in 2017 Posted on 03/24/2017 by APD Writing Legal and Juridicalbusiness regulations Legislative and labor developments in 2017 The experts from cuatrocasas analyze the small print of the increase in the interprofessional minimum wage.

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