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‘Cancellation Funnel’ or ‘Cancellation Funnel’

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‘Cancellation Funnel’ or ‘Cancellation Funnel’

This sales funnel comes into action when there is a cancellation by the user mobile phone number directory uk, the main objective of this funnel is to avoid at all costs that the person cancels our products or services, in the case of the example ‘Cancellation Funnel’ that we have , a small meeting is made to the client to make him feel that we are aware of our clients who have some problem with the service, in the case of the funnel that we have as an example, the user is asked: What is the main reason stopping him from continuing with us ?,

This funnel works wonders since you can configure a personalized survey, which not only allows us to manage a client one last time before canceling, but through the survey we can know what are the main reasons why they are canceling our product or service, based on the answers that the client enters, a special promotion can be offered to avoid cancellation in the ca So that the cancellation was for financial reasons, and we can offer customer support if that is what the user is interested in.

After the customer has filled out the survey and clicked on ‘Register Responses’, they are sent to an ‘Article Page’, where the benefits of our product or service are explained, and what are the reasons why they should not cancel . Our function is to retain the client within our list, so this is an excellent way to address the concerns for which the cancellation is given and this is where the client has to re-make the decision whether or not to cancel the product or service.. Gulf Phone Number List

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