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Brands will have to up their game

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Brands will have to up their game

For savvy brands, games are a particularly attractive platform for Albania Email Lists connecting with customers. Marketers can engage with large, targeted, hyper-focused audiences and the creative possibilities go far beyond just ads. Gamers can dress their avatar in Gucci, Louis Vuitton or a host of other fashion brands thanks to a type of product placement, known as “skinning”. Watch as more businesses add gaming into the marketing mix over the next year.

The world of gaming has long been free of its image of the sad teenager (usually male) in their bedroom with only their video console for company. Gaming today appeals to a much broader demographic and, far from being the realm of the lonely. And it has become the new social network.

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The most popular games these days are virtual spaces where people can hang out with their friends, and make new ones. Take the hugely successful multiplayer Fortnite. Gamers go there to collaborate, to chat, actually make games for each other, and even attend events. DJ Marshmello’s concert, hosted on Fortnite last year, attracted 10 million viewers.

For brands, games present an irresistible marketing opportunity. They provide an already-engaged, hyper-focused, targeted audience, and the creative possibilities are almost limitless. Simple ads are old-school – think sophisticated product placement, like ‘skinning’ where fashion brands ‘dress’ avatars with luxury clothes.

We think this kind of in-game marketing will burgeon in the next year, as more brands get their game on.

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